Fila Fil Cotton Rich.

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Fila Fil Cotton Rich

The Casablanca Fila fil two tone, textured cotton rich shirt has a formal sophisticated look. The fabric incorporates a colored warp and white filling yarns. This shirt has been crafted in a regular fit so you can be buttoned-up from day to night without ever feeling restricted. The Casablanca fila fil shirt is preferred as daily apparel by on-field staff of corporates.

Product Specifications:

  • Cotton Rich
  • Blend : 79% Poly 21% Cotton
  • Finish : Normal
  • Weave : Plain Weave
  • Count : W/G - 148.0/96.0
  • Anti Bacterial & UV protected

Ideal Usage:

For on-field Staff

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Fila Fil Cotton Rich

Uniform Manufacturer in Mumbai

Formal Wear 4.0

What is a shirt? A shirt is more than just a piece of clothing that one wears to the office/work every day. It is something that induces a feeling of formality, seriousness, class and a sense of responsibility when worn. People from various professions wear shirts and not only because they are meant to be dressed formally but because they want to feel all those feelings that a shirt induces in the wearer. In todays world, people are all always on the move and so in keeping up with the times we at Casablanca Apparels introduce to you the Fila Fil Cotton Rich shirt. Ensuring that the shirt induces a feeling of formality, seriousness, class and sense of responsibility we at Casablanca Apparels ensure that the shirt is suited to the lifestyle of today’s work force. 


Casablanca Apparels Fila Fil Cotton Rich Shirt:

Made from a blend of 79% polyester and 21% cotton the Fila Fil Cotton Rich shirt ideal for today’s highly active workforce wherever they are. Fila Fil Cotton rich or popularly known as polyester cotton is the ideal work wear. Whether you have a field job or are running office errands our polyester cotton Fila Fil makes you look fresh and presentable through the day. This is the main reason why blended Fila Fil is very popular in companies for their office staff, hotel uniforms or even at the factory level as workers uniform. The polyester content in the Fila Fil shirting fabric ensures that the shirt does not crease or wrinkle easily even if you are doing rigorous manual work and by the end of the day your shirt still looks fresh making you presentable. The Fila Fil fabric is a combination of two tones of yarn of similar colour weaved together giving it a light and dark effect and the yarn is thick giving the fabric a more durable feel therefore it is one of the few shirts that can be worn as a formal as well and an casual evening wear.


The Fil Fil Cotton Rich Shirt is ideal for:

-      For office workforce

-      Promotional giveaways 

-      Long conferences (you need to look your best throughout)


And lastly, here’s why you should trust Casablanca Apparels with all your concerns regarding quality Shirts:

We are shirt manufacturers in Tirupur and operate from our Mumbai office as well. Our company specialises in manufacturing corporate attire for large events or promotions. We even have ready stock available in our best selling products and colours, making deliveries possible at short notice. We have curated a line of shirts with a range of qualities for all climatic conditions and types of events. For instance, one day events for large groups or even promotional giveaways need not exceed the set budget as we offer shirts with a lower price point than some of our higher priced items. This affordable price range is one of the benefits of buying shirts wholesale in India. In providing options with respect to colours, styles and contrasting combinations, we have not strayed from our signature theme. We have dabbled in new creative ventures over the years by incorporating muted colours and newer fabrics into our collection without losing sight of market demands. Through our garments we hope to facilitate a dynamic work culture and personal expression while adhering to the norms of a workplace.