Reversible Jacket

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Reversible Jacket

Look super-stylish with the Casablanca reversible jacket and make a bold statement this season. Trendy and comfy this jacket features a water-repellent polyester side and a soft jersey side. This jacket keeps you warm and protects you from natural elements of mild snow and winter showers. It's the perfect parka to take with you around town, or for travel.

Product Specifications:

  • Water repellent high density tasslon 245gsm
  • Hosiery brushed cotton 300-330gsm
  • Full Zip opening
  • Full Sleeves
  • Velcro adjustment at the wrist
  • Two side pockets
  • Comfort fit

Ideal Usage:

For senior management while outdoors

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Reversible Jacket manufacturer and supplier in India

2 in 1

Reversible clothes are popular for good reason. From tops and bags to jackets and even swimwear – reversible clothing is nothing short of genius. Owning a piece of reversible clothing makes you feel like you own two for the price of one. It’s easy on the pocket and a number of looks can be created with just one piece of clothing by pairing it with other items in your wardrobe. It’s a great way to make the most out of your wardrobe and abide by your budget at the same time. Another benefit of reversible clothing is the amount of space it saves. Be it suitcase space when you’re travelling and, on the go, or even closet space, reversible clothing is a practical choice and perfect if you prefer to travel light!


Casablanca’s reversible jackets are manufactured using water repellent high density tasslon fabric (245 gram per square meter) and Hosiery brushed cotton 300-330gsm. This jacket is slightly on the thicker side as it is made with two materials sewn together. It has a full zip opening at the front along with full sleeves to keep you warm or throw over t-shirts on a chilly day. The wrists come with velcro adjustment and it has two side pockets. Picking an outfit is a tough call to make when the weather is a bit unpredictable and it’s too warm for a sweater and too cool for a t-shirt. These concerns are put to rest with the reversible jacket. The material for these jackets is procured and manufactured by us in our factory in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. We supply bulk reversible jackets all across the country as well as ship internationally. The reversible jacket is lightly quilted for extra warmth and works as the perfect added layer to your outfit, bringing effortless style to an otherwise bland outfit. 


The roots of the reversible jacket can be traced back to Biblical times when shepherds were known to have been wearing them. They were described as soft on one side for cold days and the other side was relatively smooth for days when the weather improved. Asia adopted reversible styles earlier than the rest of the world. This multi-utility jacket is produced in different colors on either side. This Unisex jacket comes in 5 basic colors, crafted to blend in with your wardrobe. Sizes range from Small to XXXL.


The Making of the Reversible Jacket


There are challenges inherent in manufacturing reversible jackets. The process is far more complicated and tedious than one would expect. Most garments require less time and investment, but with the reversible jacket seams can’t show on the reverse side and neither can there be exposed labels. The fastening also requires careful consideration because it needs to have fastenings on both sides. The button placket must be made keeping this in mind. For our jackets, we make use of a single reversible zipper, which is convenient and hassle-free when trying to take it off or reverse the exposed side. 


The Casablanca Reversible Jacket


Casablanca Reversible jackets are manufactured to the highest standards leaving you with a premium quality piece with guaranteed longevity that you’ll catch yourself reaching for time and time again. It is made keeping in mind the fickle climate that can often frustrate people. When it’s hot and sunny one moment and chilly the next the Casablanca reversible jacket truly comes into its own and instantly changes up your look in no time. Gear up with the Casablanca reversible jacket and make a bold statement this season. This on-trend jacket features a water-repellent polyester side and a soft jersey side, all while keeping you warm and protecting you from mild snow, drizzling rain and winter chill. It's the perfect add-on to take with you while exploring a new city or travelling around your own. You will find with us the best wholesale t-shirts for printing and this reversible jacket can be customized as well, as the Branding options at Casablanca Apparels are limitless.  This jacket works well as a thoughtful personalized gift with high pragmatic value or for corporate gifting and promotional events. Just get in touch with us to learn about the best place to buy wholesale t-shirts/ jackets and options for Printing, Embroidery and Eco-Encryption. We’ll be more than happy to run you through the process!