Safety Jacket

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Safety Jacket

The Casablanca Reflective Safety Jackets are used by persons working in sensitive and dangerous areas. This jacket is made in florescent water repellent 100% polyester with reflective tapes in the front and back to increase the visibility of an individual at night and poor light conditions. Our jackets are available in two florescent colour options.

Product Specifications:

  • Florescent water repellent 100% polyester 70-80 gsm
  • Reflective tapes
  • Sleeveless
  • Front zip

Ideal Usage:

As protective apparel for on field sales executives and to create a Corporate Image

Size Chart

Working in hazardous and dangerous work environments like construction sites or industries require safety measurements to be carried out. In line with international safety standards, we have developed a safety jacket that is designed to perfection. A safety vest is of utmost importance and must be worn by workers when they are on site. With work pressure, individuals may be more vulnerable to accidents or mishaps which is why safety gear is a necessity. The color fluorescent is chosen as the ideal color for safety jackets as it has high visibility and alerts those around you of your presence in case of an emergency. The use of reflective materials is essential to manufacturing any type of safety gear and at Casablanca Apparels, having catered to various industries for over two decades, we take safety seriously. The ease with which you can put on and take off the jacket also matters so as to avoid waste of time in the case of an emergency or accident. Velcro and zippers are utilized for this reason. Thus, two key factors to keep in mind when purchasing safety jackets is the design and visibility.

At Casablanca Apparels we offer safety vests or jackets in two bright colors, fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. We manufacture safety jackets for all sectors and types of work. If you’re looking for safety jacket vendors in Mumbai, Casablanca Apparels is the place to be. The colors used glow in the dark along with the reflective stripes at the front and back that are sure to be visible even indim lighting conditions. In order to keep your employees safe and comply with the government’s safety standards, you can bulk order these safety jackets in the color of your choice for your employees working on construction sites or in industrial areas that require safety gear. The use of these vests will make it easier for co-workers to locate one another while on duty.

Safety vests on top of clothing in the heat of the sun can seem like a nuisance but as manufacturers and vendors we are well aware of the problems various materials may cause in certain settings which is why our Safety jacket is 100% Polyester and water repellent with reflective stripes in the front and back in order to increase the workers visibility even in poor lighting conditions and especially at night time. As safety jacket vendors in Mumbai, we make sure the material used is breathable and light. The material used in making the safety jacket is 70-80 GSM (Gram per square meter). This jacket is sleeveless and can be worn over any and all types of clothing with ease. As mentioned above, in a state of emergency the zipper is useful to take the jacket on or off with minimal effort and hardly any loss of time. This protective apparel is ideal for on field sales executives.

We have these safety jackets available with us in a range of sizes for men as well as women. The added advantage to ordering these safety jackets from us is that we also provide the option of branding on these jackets. Be it your company logo, name or quote, we offer Printing, Embroidery and Eco-encryption. Casablanca Apparels is your one-stop solution for all things related to promotional wear, manufacturing and branding.