Chambray Cotton Rich

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Chambray Cotton Rich

Keep it Sharp & Sleek! A Casablanca shirt in the chambray fabric is made with heavier yarns for those who prefer a heavy yet comfortable feel. Gives a person wearing a Casablanca Chambray shirt a crisp formal look.

Product Specifications:

  • Cotton Rich
  • Blend : 70% Polyester 30% Cotton
  • Finish : Normal
  • Weave : Oxford Chambray
  • Gsm : W/G 147.0/115.0

Ideal Usage:

For regular wear.

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Cotton rich chambray or popularly known as polyester cotton chambray is ideal work wear. Whether you have a field job or are running office errands our polyester cotton chambray makes you look fresh and presentable through the day. This is the main reason why blended chambray is very popular in companies for their office staff , hotel uniforms or even at the factory level as workers uniform. The polyester content in the chambray shirting fabric ensures that the shirt does not crease or wrinkle easily even if you are doing rigorous manual work and by the end of the day your shirt still looks fresh making you presentable.

Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd. are bulk manufacturers of Chambray shirts .  We are shirt vendors for large requirements from a few hundreds onwards and supply directly to Corporates as well as Business Partners who buy from us and further sell to companies. 

We have a state of art manufacturing facility for shirts in Mumbai. All our machines are imported and we also have an automatic collar fusing machine. These machines ensure that our workmanship and finishing is at par if not better than many well known retail brands of shirts available in the market .  We also offer the facility of branding your logo on the shirts. To view the options of the various positions for placing your logo on the shirt go to the link below and click on the branding options on a shirt.

Moreover, depending upon your logo we will help you decide the best suited technology of branding on the shirt . To understand the various options available you could click on the link below which will display the options of embroidery, printing and eco encryption methods of branding. To assist you in making the right decision of branding of your logo we have given examples of various company logos of how they would appear in all three types of branding options.

We also offer the option of custom designing of Chambray shirts as per your company’s requirement both for Men and Women.  For quantities of eight hundred shirts and more we can manufacture the chambray shirt as per your colour specifications. Never the less, this process is time consuming. 

have a wide range of ready colour options to offer in Chambray both in polyester cotton where the polyester content in the fabric is 30% and cotton 79% we also as well as pure cotton nevertheless, if you have a requirement of any specific colour of Chambray which is not on our colour chart the same too can be manufactured as per your specifications.

Chambray fabric is a combination of two tones of yarn of similar colour weaved together giving it a light and dark effect and the yarn is thick giving the fabric a more durable feel therefore it is one of the few shirts that can be worn as a formal as well and an casual evening wear.

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