69 Turtles Polo.


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69 Turtles Polo

A perfect casual wear for body conscious clothing.

69 Turtles in slim silhouette with fine stripe on the ribs and collar and a bold signature of your style with the collar up compliments your attitude.

Crafted in fine quality pure cotton with UV protection, Anti bacterial and Bio wash treatments ensures you stay cool and ready to make your move.

Product Specifications:

  • 220 - 230 gsm
  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
  • Pique knit
  • Compacted Pre-shrunk
  • Double needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves and bottom hem
  • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom
  • Soft flow dyed
  • Color fastness Guaranteed

Ideal Usage:

Weekend office wear

Casual weekend wear

Semi-formal wear

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69 Turtles Women's Polo

Staying up to date with the latest technologies and market trends is part and parcel of being a t-shirt manufacturer. Surveying the market, understanding our client’s needs and preferences aids in building mutual trust and understanding with our customers. Our expertise in the garment industry has urged us to combine some of the most coveted designs with premium fabrics under brands like Ruffty, Carbon NI, Ruffty Sports, 69 Turtles etc. Our vision has always been to create clothing that leaves an indelible impression on the wearer. From fit to style to comfort, we have it all covered. 

69 Turtles has fine stripes also known as tipping on the ribs and collar for an added detail. With years of experience as corporate t-shirt suppliers, we can guarantee that our t-shirts are well-suited for a professional environment. It is made with 100% combed ring-spun fine quality pure cotton with UV protection, Anti bacterial fabric and Bio wash treatments. 

What does Bio-wash mean?:

This term is often used in custom t-shirt manufacturing and t-shirt manufacturers are generally familiar with this method. Bio-washing is an enzyme treatment to the fabric and prevents fibers from protruding, pilling and gives the fabric a smooth, lasting sheen that enables it to last a lot longer than it otherwise would. This treatment is usually done before dyeing and possible only with cellulosic fabrics. Under acidic conditions and high temperatures, enzymes are added to the fabric causing the rough fibers to break down, leaving the finished product soft, smooth and brighter than if the treatment was not carried out. The treatment is applicable to cotton which is a cellulose based fiber, which is why the Brand 69 Turtles’ 100% Cotton T-shirts are bio-washed.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Bio-washed Fabrics:

·       Softer fabric

·       Brightness of color and glossier finish

·       Increase of fabric life (longevity)

·       Makes the fabric durable and eliminates rough ends

·       Fabrics are often treated with harsh chemicals, but Bio-washing eliminates any damage that could have been caused to the fabric.

·       Protects our skin from the damage that can be caused by harsh chemical treatments; Bio-washed fabric feels soft and comfortable against the skin and never causes itching or rashes that are common when wearing garments that are chemically treated.

·       Maintains the color of the garment and reduces fading. 

UV protection:

The 69 Turtles fabric is also UV protected, meaning that it protects you from the harshness of the sun, the fabric provides ultraviolet protection thus making it perfect for outdoor activities on the field  or sports events on a turf. 

Anti- Bacterial Fabric:

Antibacterial fabric prevents bacteria from building up in the fabric which reduces the risk of infections and developing unpleasant odors.


In terms of quality, the best quality t-shirts for printing would be 69 Turtles Polo t-shirts. The triple benefit of this t-shirt is the bio-washed, anti- bacterial fabric which is also UV protected. This ensures that the wearer is not in discomfort while engaging in physical activity or perspiring. Irritation to the skin certainly does not occur even in humid conditions. This fabric provides protection, looks sharp and polished even after multiple washes. The anti-bacterial fabric prevents unpleasant odors from developing. If you’re looking to buy quality t-shirts in bulk, 69 Turtles is the brand for you.