Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

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Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Premium 100% soft ring-spun cotton fabric for those who prefer a heavy yet comfortable feel. 2% lycra on the neck helps retains its shape after multiple washes.

Its soft flow dyeing with colour fastness makes it perfect to print on. Constructed for Longevity.

Product Specifications:

  • 220 gsm (6.5 Ounces)
  • 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Lycra ribbed neck line
  • Soft flow dyed
  • Guaranteed for color fastness
  • Compacted Pre-shrunk

Ideal Usage:

T-shirts for Colleges and Fraternities

Internal office distribution , great quality t-shirts for Friday office wear

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Personalised T-shirt

 The Word personalized it self emphasizes the explanation  of the product.

 There are a variety of category in which personalized t-shirts are manufactured taking the slogan or words portrayed to showcase the persons expression. These are mainly made in Round Neck & Collar T-Shirts with your Logo, Design Printing or Embroidery & Eco Encrytion.

 The designs make people smile from ear to ear or burst into fits of giggles with one of the personalised t-shirts. There is a wide range of customization designs and colors developed  for her, him, and kids. It can be worn by any age group or gender. Since T-shirts are the most popular clothing item. There’s a good reason for it, too – pretty much everybody wears T-shirts, and they’re a nice choice that’s versatile and comfortable at the same time


The  marketers think of new and innovative ways to promote their brands. In these highly competitive times, the one thing that continues to hold true is this rule – audiences are more likely to  get attracted when something creative is done out of some simple wear .They will remember your brand when your promotion method also gives them some kind of value. Hence when developed the approach is simple, but effective.          

While creating the T-shirts following things are taken into consideration what fits most logically with the brand and its customers.

T- shirts for Him , Her , Kids and Friends


Personalised T Shirts for All. You'll find a selection of different custom designs for men, women kids and friends ; all of which can be personalised with either text, photos or both!  T-shirts are created choosing the color, size and design based on the age / gender and category.

The T-shirts printed portray prints or statement prints which are eye catchy..


When we emphasize for Him :              

            For eg :- slogan prints “ Every time I find the meaning of life they change it !”

                        Expression Prints “WORKout  HARDer

When we emphasize for Her :

            For eg :- Slogans of empowerment , love


When we emphasize for Kids:

            For eg :- Cartoons characters, Animated movies characters ,

                        slogans of  life directions / personality development


When we emphasize for Friends :

            For eg :- Slogans on bounding / love


If you’re in any kind of business, there’s a lot that you can do with t-shirts.

Whether you’re a restaurateur or own your own construction company or promote  your company by binding with celebrities or by supporting any cause or organizing wears for sportsmen team.

Most of the t-shirts since are created for some specific occasions for example for the sports teams or restaurants , they do have some additional finishes done on the fabric .In order to meet such requirements, waterproof/moisture permeable fabrics, perspiration absorbing/ fast drying fabrics, warmth retentive fabrics, stretchable fabrics, etc. have been developed.

                                    Some of the fabric finishes are as follows.

Heat transport performances

The fabrics require to maintain body temperature during various activities. The heat transport properties of fabric will make it possible to feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The fibrous material, bulk entrapped air within the fabric affects the heat transport properties of the wearer.

Moisture transport performance

By changing the cross sections of the fiber and by using special chemicals; fabrics are made which have high moisture transport properties. Such fabric keeps the body dry by keeping moisture away from body surface in vapoure and/or liquid form.

Anti-static performances

 Fabrics have a very high electrical conductivity, so they can dissipate electrical charge.

Antimicrobial performances

 Keeping a normal level of bacteria on the skin offers a high level of comfort and personal hygiene, especially during high activities.

Ultraviolet protection

 Fabrics can remove UV-A and UV-B rays that are dangerous to the skin, and guarantees an improved level of defense compared to the majority general natural and man-made fibers.

                   Some of the cartography which come into it  are as follows .         

                                                T-Shirts by Theme

            The t-shirts created are custom tee featuring one of the favourite interests and brands. From funny cat ladies and football fans to Disney Frozen fanatics and masters of the Marvel universe.


Eg :- Funny statements printed  / custom words printed ( Part bear ) / TV and Movies / Super heroes


                        T-shirts made with Movie ( character photos or wordings )


            The Movie”. It’s a head - scratcher , which gives it that extra edge. The prints do one of three things: educate, offend, or confuse. The image printed covering these ideas are demanding. If you wear one that can do all three .They talk about everything there is to talk about .These t-shirt do highlighting super hero movies.


Tag lines of Movies eg :- in Batman the character joker tag line “ Why so serious”

                                      in V for Vendetta IDEAS ARE BULLETproof”


                                                T-Shirts by Brand

            These t-shirts are adored by their cuteness that is Me to You’s Tatty Teddy and Disney’s Minnie Mouse or the action-packed adventure of Star Wars and Marvel’s The Avengers,  are a great fantasy  to the audience who are more into it Hence these tee's are designed just for them. It offers content specialized on the production aspect of the industry.

                                                T-Shirts with Logo

          T-shirts are developed for some specific company or sports team with the brand logo printed to promote the brand and add and extra empathize on the symbol .


                                                T-Shirts with Text

          These  t-shirts have some different kind of font printed on them. Some of them are funny, some controversial and others downright rude, but still interesting nonetheless. It is highly addictive too! Some emphasizing the companies message.

                                                            T-Shirts with Photo's


            These t-shirts have photo prints which says everything that the company wants to showcase about their product or brand .it is through the pictures that the message is sent across. In fact there are so many innovative styles created , where the photos printed portrays two opposite meanings together in a single picture .There are some photos printed inside out for fun.


            All these variety of t-shirts spreads the love through specialized content like brand reviews and design showcasing , Which speaks louder  in itself.     It creates its own style statement with these printed T-Shirts , which is printed & styled for special occasions.