Carbon ni Solids Polo T-Shirt

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Carbon ni Solids Polo T-Shirt

Your all time favourite 100% pure cotton polo shirt now available in more color options.

Its a tried and tested quality for over 2 decades.

Product Specifications:

  • 220 - 230 gsm (6.8 Ounces)
  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
  • Pique knit
  • Compacted Pre-shrunk
  • Double needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves and bottom hem
  • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom
  • Soft flow dyed
  • Colour fastness Guaranteed

Ideal Usage:

Ideal for casual day out

Suitable for office environment over the weekend

Semi-formal occasions 

Size Chart

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Manufacturer of Polo T-shirt in Mumbai, India

Boost Your Performance

If you have worn a polo t-shirt before, you may have wondered how its name originated. The story of how its name came to be is one that dates back to the 19th century. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, tennis players typically wore long-sleeved button-up shirts in the colour white. This attire didn’t allow for ease of movement while playing and certainly ranked low on the comfort scale. René Lacoste, the French tennis champion designed a white, short sleeved cotton t-shirt to counter the impracticality of the formerly worn long-sleeved fabric, primarily focusing on eliminating the discomfort and stiffness of the attire. The use of pique cotton technology  was a significant innovation, which was instrumental in the Lacoste design gaining immediate popularity amongst the masses.  The use of Pique cotton is a style of weaving suited to advance breathability of the fabric and of course, its durability.

Similarly, Performance cotton, true to its’ name is designed to enhance your performance. Much like the original Polo shirt the Carbon ni polo has a pique knit and is available in over 42 colours. The feel of the fabric is light at around 220-230 GSM and is compacted pre-shrunk, with colour fastness guaranteed. This 100% combed ring-spun cotton is has a double needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves and bottom hem. The performance t-shirt is manufactured in unique shades like olive, rust and coral green amongst others.

The Carbon ni Solids Polo T-Shirt is ideal for:

·      Sports and outdoor activities/events

·      To print a club emblem, company/ brand logo or also embroidering a team name and number for corporate sport events.

The classic polo today, imbued with class, sophistication and rich historical relevance continues to have a place in the modern world as its versatility carries it forward in time. Thus, the polo t-shirt has gradually made its way into the corporate world as a style well suited for semi-formal to casual events. As one of the leading t-shirt manufacturers in India and since becoming T-shirt exporters in Tirupur as well- which is where our manufacturing unit is based-we have rightly conferred the title of ‘Corporate T-shirt on the Performance Polo.

And lastly, here’s why you should trust Casablanca Apparels with all your concerns regarding quality Polo t-shirts:

We are Polo T-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur and operate from our Mumbai office as well. Our company specialises in manufacturing corporate attire for large events or promotions. We even have ready stock available in our best selling products and colours, making deliveries possible at short notice. We have curated a line of t-shirts with a range of qualities for all climatic conditions and types of events. For instance, one day events for large groups or even promotional giveaways need not exceed the set budget as we offer t-shirts with a lower price point than some of our higher priced items. This affordable price range is one of the benefits of buying Polo t-shirts wholesale in India. In providing options with respect to colours, styles and contrasting combinations, we have not strayed from our signature theme. We have dabbled in new creative ventures over the years by incorporating muted colours and newer fabrics into our collection without losing sight of market demands. Through our garments we hope to facilitate a dynamic work culture and personal expression while adhering to the norms of a workplace. 

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