Cotton Sports

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Cotton Sports

It's the perfect gear to take you places. Our 100% pure cotton inside with 100% polyester outsiden Polo Shirt is a great outdoor wear.

Your body gets the comfort of pure cotton whereas, the polyester on the outside wicks away the moisture giving you a cool and dry feel.

Product Specifications:

  • 220 - 230 gsm
  • 100% cotton on the inside and 100% polyester outside.
  • Compacted Pre-shrunk
  • Double needle stitch on shoulder, sleeves and cuffs, having sideslits on the bottom hem
  • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom box stitch
  • Color fastness Guaranteed

Ideal Usage:

Sports, Offsite outbound activity Polo Shirt, ideal as a daily uniform t-shirt too, the fabric really holds good.

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Sportswear has taken the retail market by storm. Making appearances across runways, magazines and in mainstream media, sportswear is not only seen in sporting events but is gaining traction especially among millennials as a fashion statement. The reason for its increasing popularity has a lot to do with upcoming trends endorsed by fashion influencers and the global fashion industry. Sportswear like chunky sneakers, track pants, leggings, oversized round neck t-shirts, joggers and even Polo T-shirts are being paired with formal or semi-formal clothing items to give the ensemble a relaxed vibe.

When purchasing T-shirts for corporate events or promotions, the retail price is often double the manufacturing cost and hence it isn’t feasible in terms of the budget. Thus, purchasing directly from Sports T-shirt manufacturersgives you an insight into the available qualities and saves you a lot of money without having to settle for inferior quality garments due to budget restrictions. The added advantage when purchasing bulk wholesale t-shirtsfrom a sports t-shirt manufacturer is customisation. At Casablanca Apparels, we have new and improved printing technologies at your disposal, equipped to carry out large scale production as well as branding. Sublimation Printing is used to print on 100% Polyester T-shirts. With this method of printing,the colours show up beautifully on the fabric and there are little to no restrictions on the number of colours that can be used. Aside from Branding options, we manufacture Sports T-shirts in different styles as per our client’s requirements and specifications. We have a number of popular designs ranging from Round necks to Collared Polyester t-shirts and also Long Sleeve T-shirts but as we are wholesale T-shirt manufacturers in Mumbaiwe do need a minimum order quantity for every pattern you wish to order. It is imperative to state that highly customised orders do require a fairly large order quantity in order to carry out cost-efficient customisation.

At Casablanca Apparels, we have a T-shirt quality called Cotton Sports and as it’s’ name suggests,it is a blend of cotton and polyester. Ideal for corporate sportswear, launches and even staff uniforms, this fabric is made with 100% Cotton on the inside and 100% Polyester on the outside. Cotton Sports is a T-shirt made to withstand heat and humidity. Itsmoisture wicking properties are accompanied by a subtle sheen on the fabric which sets it apart from other polyester garments in the market. The comfort level while wearing a Cotton Sports T-shirt is unmatched. The softness of cotton against the skin on the insidemakes this t-shirt an absolute wardrobe staple. This ultimate combination is unique, in demand and highly sought afterfor large scale promotional events. Another one of our products is the Comfort Zone Collared t-shirt. This t-shirt is soft flow dyed with double needle stitch on the sleeves and bottom hem and comes with fascinating colour combinations.

Incorporating sports t-shirts or Cotton Polyester blended T-shirts into your outfit is certainly a style statement but also helps one achieve an optimal balance between comfort and style, all while keeping you sweat-free in the scorching heat of the sun.