Full Length Apron

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Full Length Apron

The Casablanca knee length apron is made in a blended polyetser cotton fabric. Crafted with a large double pocket compartment in the front for convenience & anti tangle easy tie self straps it is ideally suited to protect your clothing from stains. This apron is available in five colour options.

Product Specifications:

  • 65% Polyester 35% cotton
  • Knee length
  • Pouch pocket

Ideal Usage:

For chefs & uniform aprons for workers working in the food industry / cargo industry or staff working behind the counter & restaurants.

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Manufacturer of Full Length Aprons


The apron- A piece of clothing that primarily is made to cover the front of the body is worn for a variety of reasons and also has various uses. Derived from the French word “naperon”, the apron means small tablecloth or napkin. In ancient times, men who worked in trades used them and women, especially homemakers used aprons to keep tools in them or to simply keep their clothing clean while doing household chores like cooking and cleaning.  It could also be used for practical purposes as it is most often used to cover the clothing worn under it from potential harm or damage. However, it is used for decorative as well as ritualistic purposes. Mainly used to protect garments, aprons were also indicative of status. As for sewing, aprons are one of the easiest to sew and often the first garments amateur sewers opt for when trying their hand at sewing. Although they can be simple or tough depending on the pattern, aprons are universally used and have high utility and longevity.

In today’s day and age, a number of professions utilize aprons for a lot of reasons and it is beneficial to bulk order aprons for businesses and restaurants as the price point is affordable and options for customization are varied. Casablanca Apparels is a manufacturing company that manufactures aprons in Mumbai and ships across the country as well as internationally.

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen is bound to leave your clothes stained with special sauces and spices. Thus an apron is of utmost importance to a chef as the apron helps protect the food from contamination by microbes and helps protect your clothes. The material used to make aprons worn by chefs is generally made from a strong washable fabric, so that stain removal process is made easy.  

Other than Chefs, aprons are also worn by chemists when working in the laboratory to protect them from hazardous chemicals, by welders and carpenters while welding and for protection from fire sparks,, this one contains pockets to hold tools, by X-ray technicians for protection from radiation and also by gardeners for keeping their clothes free of stains by mud, soil and dirt. Thus the apron is a great safety tool. Apart from all these uses listed above, homemakers also use an apron while doing the daily household chores. There are aprons available in various styles such as pinafore, tuxedo and waist-tied. It is a very useful garment.

The Casablanca knee length apron is made in a blended polyester cotton fabric. It is crafted with a large double pocket compartment in the front for convenience, to store tools or essential items. It comes with anti tangle easy tie self straps that require no help to be tied around your body and can be easily tied up by the wearer itself. It is ideally suited to protect your clothing from stains as the fabric is made keeping in mind the profession of the wearer.  This apron is available in five color options.

Moving on to the fabric composition, this full length apron is made up of 65% polyester and 35% Cotton. It can be used ideally for chefs or staff uniforms in the food industry as well as the cargo industry. These aprons can be customized for employees working behind the counter at restaurants with the company logo/brand logo which adds a personalized touch to the uniforms. If you are looking for apron vendors in Mumbai, look no further. Just visit our website to learn more about us!