Half Length Apron

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Half Length Apron

The Casablanca half apron is a street-inspired line of culinary apparel that provides the perfect combination of edgy fashion and forward-thinking functionality. Featuring self ties with a large functional pocket, this apron is available in five colour options.

Product Specifications:

  • Polyester Cotton
  • Above the knee
  • One front pocket

Ideal Usage:

For tasters in super markets.

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Apron Manufacturer

-       An apron is a garment which is generally worn at the front of the body and most often by chefs or cooks. The high utility garment is used for various reasons by professionals in different fields. Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing company that manufactures T-shirts and promotional wear in India for the corporate sector whilst being suppliers of aprons, uniforms, staff safety jackets and other work wear. The booming hotel and food industry requires constant supply of uniforms, t-shirts and aprons. Aprons are also used by other professionals like Blacksmiths, X-ray Technicians and welders but the fabrics used for the respective industries differ. Aprons can be made of cotton, linen, muslin or even canvas, leather, rubber, polyester and lead depending on the requirement.

When it comes to purchasing your aprons, try and invest in quality pieces that are long lasting from vendors or apron suppliers that you trust. The uniform or apron worn by your staff is responsible for creating a lasting good or bad impression on your customers. Adding a personalized touch to the garment is another plus point that makes your brand stand out from the rest. Casablanca Apparels has been in the business of promotional wear for over two decades. When looking for apron vendors in Mumbai, opt for manufacturers who provide customization as well so as to maintain the same quality throughout the production process.

·       Most aprons tie at the waist.  A half apron is a small piece of fabric that extends from the waist to mid thigh or longer.

·       A full or bib apron covers the chest and ties or loops behind the neck and ties at the waist. Slip-on aprons are like hospital gowns or a backwards, sleeveless shirt.

·       A pinafore is an apron that features more fabric over the shoulders than a conventional full or bib apron. Pinafores often include decorative ruffles, or 'wings' of fabric above the shoulder. Often worn by little girls, a pinafore is not worn merely for work, but worn as an attractive garment that can be trimmed with ribbons or bows.

Aprons have always been popular and attached to the mental image of a homemaker and special masculine aprons were made for the man of the house, the master of the grill at family barbecue cook-outs. For special family get together, the Casablanca half length apron is made in a blended polyester cotton fabric. It ties at the waist and goes down to the thigh region. It is crafted with a large double pocket compartment in the front for convenience, to store tools or essential items. It comes with anti tangle easy tie self straps that require no help to be tied around your body and can be easily tied up by the wearer itself. It is ideally suited to protect your clothing from stains as the fabric is made keeping in mind the profession of the wearer.  This apron is available in five color options.

Moving on to the fabric composition, this full length apron is made up of 65% polyester and 35% Cotton. It can be used ideally for chefs or staff uniforms in the food industry as well as the cargo industry. These aprons can be customized for employees working behind the counter at restaurants with the company logo/brand logo which adds a personalized touch to the uniforms. Customized aprons for personal use are another thoughtful way to gift someone close to you a special apron with their name or initials embroidered on it.