Bi-colour Windcheater

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Colours Available:

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Bi-colour Windcheater

The dual colour trendy Casablanca windcheater is available in six color combinations. This windcheaters outer shell is made of water repellent high density tasslon with the inner lining in DWR (durable water repellent) nylon. The dual colour combination gives this windcheater a trendy look at the same time protection from heavier rainfall.

Product Specifications:

  • Water repellent hight density tasslon 245gsm
  • Inner lining is DWR (durable water repellent) 100% nylon 60gms
  • Full Zip
  • Hood
  • 2 Side pockets with zip
  • Comfort fit

Ideal Usage:

Best during the monsoon season

Size Chart

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After holing up indoors avoiding the scorching heat of the sun all summer long, the monsoons bring a sigh of relief along with pleasant weather. Unfortunately, this season doesn’t have the most consistent weather. Some days it’s windy, pouring heavily while other days it’s warm, sunny and too humid to even contemplate wearing an added layer of clothing. In times like these, the Casablanca Bi-color Windcheater will come to your aid and protect your from the season’s unpredictable bouts of rain and wind, while still being light enough to keep on once the sun comes back out. This windcheater is almost weightless and perfect to carry around in your bag when you’re setting out for the day. This vital piece is a monsoon staple and carting it along with you to work or even to your local bar will first and foremost take up little to no space and secondly ensure you stay warm and dry in case of an unforeseen weather fluctuation.

The popularity of outdoor activities increases with the onset of the monsoon. Trekking to waterfalls and river rafting are phenomenal group activities for which appropriate gear and rainwear is a must! 

It is important to draw a distinction between Rain-wear and Windcheaters. Windcheaters are Not Made to Be Water-proof but they have the ability to provide Moderate Protection Against light drizzles. Our quality and design mimics that of High-end Windcheaters that can give an upgraded look to Your Brand, This piece is also ideal for travelers as in the case of salesmen who travel on two-wheelers despite the weather conditions. 

To survive the continuous drizzle invest in a stylish windcheater instead of a raincoat. Windcheaters are slightly toned down and subtle as compared to prancing around in an uncomfortable, stiff plastic overcoat which is what most raincoats look and feel like. Windcheaters offer way more comfort and wear ability as they are primarily used as a shield against stormy winds but also work to protect you from mild showers. This highly functional piece has utility in the winter and monsoon which makes it even more of a steal. 

The Bi-color Windcheater

This dual color windcheater has a modern look and feel to it and is available in 6 color combinations. The outer fabric is made of water repellent high density tasslon while the inner lining is made in DWR (durable water repellent) 100% nylon. It has a full zip and two side pockets with zips as well. It comes with a hood to protect your head from rainfall and is ideal for outdoor activities or even useful when commuting to work, biking, cycling and for students. This high utility windcheater with its dual colour combination will make you look forward to overcast days.


We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of garments. We take large orders and can custom design the windcheater based on your preference. You can play around with colors, combinations of fabric, piping on the edges etc. until you are content with the final product. Branding options are also available with us. A full sublimation printing or reflexive vinyl printing of your logo is also possible.